Why Cant We All Get Along

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Often in society human behavior is defined by the qualities that are exposed by each individual. It is obvious that amongst these qualities, human behavior is most influenced by typical stereotypes, common age differences, and peoples’ personal interests in others. Throughout time citizens are often criticized based on their gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, profession, disabilities, weight, etc., showing the stereotypical behavior of humans. No matter where you are in the world, one can also encounter ones behavior based on the different generations of people coexisting with each other. Easy to notice, people acquire specific interests personifying their behaviors amongst their peers. Thus the stereotypical behavior, age groups, and social satisfying interest define human behavior to its greatest extent.

Does it range from jealousy, humiliation, attitude, or selfishness? Stereotypes are a world dominating sequence that one civilian puts on another, continuing until one gives up or becomes the bigger person. Rich people, they don’t care about the rest of the world just about themselves. Fat people, can maintain their weight if the just put the effort to exercise having a lack of self-control. Ethnic groups, if you’re African American, Mexican, Chinese, or anything beside White there is something wrong with you. Society establishes labels among people to show who the stronger people are. Rich (Celebrities) versus poor (middle class). Many poor civilians constantly conclude that rich people are self-centered and greedy when it comes to their money. They are actually generous, donating an average Two Hundred Thousand, to One or Two Million dollars per devastations that occur worldwide. It is not only for their benefit; they help save thousands of lives and help provide new and improved societies. There are over Sixty Four percent of people in the United States that suffer from obesity and weight issues; is it really their fault? NO! Over Forty Eight...
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