Humans Turn on Each Other

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Humans turn on each other when threatened or even jealous. Pertaining to the twilight episode “The shelter” normal neighborhood friends are having a small dinner party. A nuclear attack was announced, and everyday citizens were willing to claw each other to death for a slim chance to survive. Every moment of good times and respect for each other quickly goes out the window, when the chance of death slips upon them. Why do human beings move quickly between love and adoration to only the strong may survive?

Human beings will probably do anything if it means to survive its just natural pre historic man. Human history its self isn’t exactly all that wonderful and honest. Throughout our time, human civilizations have been motivated by both savageness and greed. We fought thousandths of useless wars and colonized lands that were already inhabited by other people. Human being’s sold people into slavery or just slaughtered them, stripping their land of precious minerals for their own wealth. Rapped innocent women and children and then denying them basic rights.

Having all the education in the world and even a good child hood still couldn’t change our jealously, and why we turn on each other. Doctors, lawyers and even teachers are capable of all this. I watched congress men bicker and blame each other when America was in an economic downfall. Republicans and Democrats went back and forth turning on America while we watch helplessly. These are the very men we voted for to help change America and to work together for our benefit. Not much was accomplished because most human beings don’t want to take blame for anything.

Some humans do commit evil and knowingly, but some are not aware of the full consequences of their actions. This is something that can be attributed to thoughtlessness, rather than maliciousness. People are afraid of death because we know so little about it, that’s why most people panic and lose all sense of control when faced by it. Love plays a...
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