Situations Negatively Affecting the Future of America

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Mark Harris
American Heritage
November 16, 2012
Situations Negatively Affecting the Future of America
America, the land of opportunity, has allowed many people to become successful and fulfill the “American Dream.” The freedom that the United States gives to its people allows individuals to become successful, as they desire, without any limits set on how wealthy or influential they may be. Over time many people of the United States have taken advantage of the freedoms given for the good, but many for the bad. After large success comes, a lot of power in the ability to influence others comes as well. The influence of the powerful and selfish leaders in the United States is continuously increasing, which furthermore negatively affects the future of this country and puts the focus on the great country America used to be rather than the current condition of the country.

American elites continue to matter more and more due to their large influence on the direct future of America. Unfortunately, sometimes the power that American elites may hold is used in selfish ways in order to push a personal agenda that may not be for the good of the people. This can be an opportunity for an individual to take advantage of their influence and our freedom. Sometimes influential leaders get trapped in the moment and can only see how they can better their personal lives in the current time rather than looking at what may benefit the majority of the people in the future. Although individuals might argue that American elites are crucial factors that allow the United States to be a successful and powerful country, this is only true in some cases. By looking at this argument from a general perspective, this is false. Many times large corporation owners or any other powerful individuals will use lobbyists to carry out their own ideas. Lobbyists attempt to influence decisions made by officials in the government for a profit from wealthy American elites. In the 1980s, retired former...
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