Why Are Nurses Divided in the Workforce

Topics: Nursing, Nursing care plan, Patient Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: May 19, 2013
There is an ongoing debate of why nurses remain divided in the workforce. The reason could be the various levels of education required to practice as an RN. “This inconsistent academic preparation creates dissension within the profession and prevents a more united front from nurses”(Spencer, 2008, p. 1). There is a great need for BSN prepared nurses. Research has proven that nurses educated at the baccalaureate level have greater influence on patient out comes (Spencer, 2008). In the article, “Increasing RN-BSN Enrollments: Facilitating Articulation Through Curriculum Reform,” Janine Spencer, RN,EdD explores matters in RN-BSN education. Summary of Article

Professional organizations suggest methods to increase the RN-BSN student population. These organizations support the theory that BSN prepared nurses are better qualified to manage patients with complex cases, resulting in an increase of reaching goals in nursing care plans (Spencer, 2008). As the patient care environments become more complex, the need for highly educated nurses will climb. Nurses with extensive education are better qualified to care for patients holistically. BSN programs offer nursing education courses not offered in ADN or diploma programs. Courses included in the baccalaureate program are leadership, research, theory, and community health. The leadership courses prepare nurses for administrative duties. Research courses attribute to a better understanding and appreciation of the research process. Nursing theory courses and community health courses encourage critical thinking while emphasizing reflective learning. These courses create an extensive knowledge base of nursing, resulting in a more holistic approach to patient care (Spencer, 2008). The greatest challenge has been encouraging RN-BSN enrollment. Registered nurses have been reluctant to pursue a BSN degree for various reasons. Primarily, nurses have been dissatisfied with the RN-BSN...
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