Why America Needs the Marine Corps

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The United States is in a constant state of security from threats and the world is only getting more and more hostile towards us. America needs to know that there is a blanket of security that is being provided for them at all times. They want to know that someone is willing to stand guard and watch over them as they sleep, and continue their everyday lives. Americans want to know in the back of their minds that the Marines are always on duty, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Marines never take a day off, to rest or become complacent. No other branch of service has the capabilities and the mental fortitude that a Marines have. America needs the Marine Corps, because Marines are first to fight and America's 911 force and can deploy in 24 hours. Many people think that our nation does not need the Marine, but they could not be further from the truth.

For those of you who do not know the origins of the Marine Corps, the Marines were born in a tavern on November 10, 1775 to fight in the upcoming revolutionary war against the British. Since then Marines have been fighting to protect our country for well over 200 years. Since that day in Tun Tavern the Marines have become well known to our country as well as to the enemies of our great nation. Since their inception Marines are known as an amphibious force because they served aboard ships as sharpshooters atop the ships rigging. Later they would fight against the Mexican army at the battle of Chapultepec, which they would capture a castle which was known as the "Halls of Montezuma". This was accomplished because Marines were already aboard ships that were stationed at critical points where they could respond quickly and viciously when needed. In today's world Marines are able to board a plane and be deployed worldwide because they are trained to always have themselves and their gear standing by and ready to be grabbed and loaded to respond to any crisis.

There are a lot of sayings that describe the Marines and the term First to Fight is among them. When 9-11 was thrust upon us on that second day of infamy The Marines were the first military unit to respond. Even though they are not a unit that is like the Army which fights wars on land. So in late November the 15th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) boarded helicopter from the USS Peleliu and flew more than 400 miles inland to fight the Taliban (Burns, 2011). This is just one instance that shows why Marines are always ready to deploy worldwide at a moment's notice. In the Marine Corps no matter what your job or MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is that comes as a secondary job, because every Marine's first job that they all do is to be considered a basic rifleman. What this means is even if you are a cook, mechanic, or if you work at a desk, just know that at any given moment you can be pulled from your job and given a rifle and marching orders to support combat arms.

Since the beginning of our great nation Marines have been known as an amphibious force, but we are also able to fight in any environment. That includes land, sea, and air, they do not need to rely on any other military force other than the Navy to help get them to combat. Marines are able to fight on the water which was their original doctrine since they did fight first on sea going navy vessels. They...
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