The Need and Contribution of Navy and Coast Guard to America

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The need and Contribution of navy and coast guard to America

The maritime military was not paid in attention of its effectiveness for a long time. With a small naval force, the United States was neither successful in diplomatic relations nor national defense. The Navy and Coast Guard are crucial forces of the American military by maintaining the welfare of America both domestically and internationally. The Navy and Coast Guard were both needed, and they helped maintain the well-being of America domestically by protecting the coast of the America and defending domestic industries, and internationally by maintaining a distinct presence in world affairs. Food was one of the most significant resources back in the 1800 and 1900. Back in those days, people mostly got their food from the environments they were in. As a result, most of the profits invented were related to services such as manufacturing foods or transporting foods. In order to get more profit from food, people needed more territory where natural resources exist such as lands or ocean. One of the most crucial resources, fish, is at sea. However, without the help of a Coast Guard, a nation cannot maintain its territory, and cannot protect their natural resources from foreign nations. Though building and maintaining Coast Guard costs a lot of money, it definitely pays back. For example, during 1870s, 25 Chinese men in Santa Barbara Country were engaged in fishing and they caught 50,000 pounds of fish in a season. They do not think about the future fish and they exterminated fish in all accessible places (Jordan 78). Furthermore, they exported $12,000 worth of shrimp and dried fish per month (Jordan 81). Chinese “stole” all the property that belongs to U.S. Chinese people also took away the job opportunities from local people whose career is fishing since they poached all the fish and sold them to both domestic and international markets, leading to a shortage of job opportunities for Americans. For example, Chinese are willing to work with a minimum pay. A Chinese worker receives “$1 per day of eleven hours, and work as required.” (Jordan, 84.) Since Chinese people are willing to work in that little money with more work than Americans do, Americans lose the job opportunities. As foreign fishers interrupts, they are highly possible to bring foreign species that destroy the environment and lead to the extinction of the local species which cannot even be given a monetary value. Solely from the instances mentioned above, the United States can gain $12,000 per month, protect the environment, make people’s lives better by keeping the seashore and ocean clean, and provide more opportunities for Americans to make a living. With a strong Coast Guard, the United States can earn more money than the money spent for the investments to Coast Guard by protecting their raw resources and protecting the territory. Though some people claim that an investment in the Navy can go into a long way towards civil benevolence, such as education or welfare of the nation, (Mead, 125) the United States has the obligation to protect its territory, its people, and the welfare of its people. Without the Navy, the United States would have “to give up Hawaii, to give up Porto Rico, to give up Alaska.” (Roosevelt, 118.) The United States is not a small nation. It is comprised of lands as diverse as lush Hawaii and as barren as Alaska. However, all those regions have their own characteristics and contribution to the United States. In order to keep those lands American owned, the United States needs a navy since some are far away from the mainland. Regions such as Hawaii have to import goods from other regions but they have to be self-sufficient so that they can survive during wartime and times of aggression from other nations. To send the goods safely from mainland, the United States need a strong army to implement convoy system in which a couple of navy ships escort the container ships. They...
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