U.S. Marine Corpsh

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U.S. Marine Corps

Our country has the most powerful military in the world. Our military consists of five different branches and each branch is unique in their own way. One unique branch that I will be talking about is the United States Marine Corps.This paper will cover the following topics...origins/history, organization, strength, missions, specialty forces and weaponry.

The United States Marine Corps (USMC), was established on the 10th of November of the year 1775 at the Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, PA. It was established to be a power projection from the sea and use the mobility of the United States Navy as a transportation vessel. The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy, they operate under the department of defense and they work closely with their naval comrades to accomplish various missions.

The Marine Corps handles a variety of missions which puts the United States one step ahead of all the rest and keeps the land of the free safe. The Marines love to handle amphibious warfare, but when there is a world crisis the Marines act as an expeditionary unit and are always ready to respond. They are

the smallest branch in the military yet the few and the proud always seem to excel in their abilities to accomplish their mission.

These mission-fulfilling devil dogs have a chain of command within their structured organization. Their chain of command is much like the United States Army chain of command. Their ranks are divided into two, there are Non-commissioned officers and officers. Officers are organized to lead the Non-commissioned officers, however there are plenty of leadership roles which take responsibility in having overwhelming duties compared to the officers. Now, this leads to their strength in numbers.

As of June 2011 there are 207,827 active members and as of June 2010 there are 40,000 reservists and they are divided into divisions. The 1st Marine Division is located in Camp Pendleton, CA, the 2nd Marine Division is located...
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