Who Is a Good Person

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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A good person is someone who is sincere and loyal,but not selfish. A person is someone who has a positive attitude and respects for oneself as well as others. A good person should be evaluated by criteria of his/her characteristics, intellect, thoughts, emotions and behaviours, but not his/her physical appearence, religious belief or ethnic origin. Firstly, being altruistic is one of the most important qualities. Altruism is selfless helping. Someone helps anotherone because he or she is concerned about at person's welfare. Moreover, being empathetic is viewed as a primary attribute of a good person. Someone who is empathetic has the ability to share another person’s feelings or emotions as if they were their own.A empathetic person can express that he or she understand what the person is saying. As empathy is the combination of both understanding and feeling, the empathetic person also feels what another person feels. This is very important for communication. Taking responsibility for his or her actions is an another qulity of a good person. If people accept responsibility for something that has happened, they should agree that they were to blame for it or they caused it, and use the excuse that it was not intended. A responsible person realizes than a reasonable person has a responsibility to be careful and make wise decisions. A responsible person tries to make good time management so that he or she will be able to accomplish all that he or she agreed to do. A responsible person should make sure that he or she is informed about all things that may affect the quality of the decisions he or she must make. Responsible people behave properly and sensibly, without needing to be supervised. In addition, the good person believes that honesty is the best policy. A good person strives to be honest with others and themselves. When I describe someone as honest, I mean that he or she always tells the truth sincerely, and...
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