Ethical Worksheet

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  • Published : July 8, 2007
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Ethical Filter Worksheet
John Doe
University of Phoenix

Personal Source
Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

IntegrityThis is one of the U.S. Airforce Core Values. Being an Officer in the USAF Reserves, I have come to live by this value and have adopted as one of my own.In my mind, integrity is more than just following through on your commitments. It is also knowing what is ethically right and making decisions based on those ethics. The primary challenge that I perceive is that many people with whom I deal, do not hold the high ethical standard that I hold myself accountable to. As a Christian I find that the ethical standards to be more stringent than the average individual so that I " … may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ …" Philippians 1:10 NIV Open MindednessThe ability to listen, absorb, and not judge comes from the Leadership teaching at The Boeing Company.One of the most destructive agents in problem solving that I have witnessed is the inability of individuals to objectively evaluate any ideas other than their own. I too struggle with jumping to conclusions and mentally responding rather than listening objectively and must constantly use techniques to mitigate to remind myself to be open minded. ResponsibilityThis was instilled in me at a very young age by my parents.After listening to options and passing them through personal ethical filters, the idea of responsibility and accountability play a large part in my decision making process. The largest impediment to utilizing this value in a decision-making process is the past performance of individuals involved. Allowing a new idea from an individual to take shape and be utilized is hard if that individual has previously not demonstrated the willingness to take responsibility. ReliabilityPersonal...
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