Leadership and National Honor Society

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  • Published : May 6, 2007
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A person of character is, someone to admire, who sets a good example, who knows the difference between right and wrong. To me no one is good or bad. This is a fact that should be kept in mind when we try to judge a person's overall character. We are all different and complex. I think I show most of the elements a person of good character should show. Not only have I been looked up to and admired, but I try to keep as active as possible (a quality younger students may look up to). Joining different sports, excelling in academics, and joining other extracurricular activities, gives me this opportunity and also demonstrates my reliability. Like a person with a good character I like to help anyone that is in need of a little guidance. I've always been known to make people laugh or feel better when they are down, which seems to me like a person with a great character, and want to better life's sometimes harsh obstacles. Leadership… I always try my best to obtain as many leadership positions as possible, of course, with the assurance that I can handle them all. I can always be critical and say it's pretty obvious I have leadership qualities just because I'm class president, but as a leader I try not to think of it as just a title. A leader should be one that is more constructive and less critical. A critical person may think there has got to be a better way to do something, but a constructive person knows what that "Better way" might be. A leader can best be described as, responsible, successful, and resourceful. When it comes to showing good leadership I think I can truly live up to it, because of the positions I uphold. Along with character and leadership, I also have the qualities of showing good service. I am a good role model for the younger students at Benavides High School. Along with that, one of my top priorities is to become a better citizen. Some examples of my service are, singing voluntarily with our schools mariachi group for the catholic...
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