White Umbrella

Topics: Piano, Want, Walking Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: November 21, 2010
In the short story “The White Umbrella” the narrator and her sister Mona find themselves in a dilemma when they find out that their mother has a job. Needing to be at their piano lesson at 4:00 they decided to start walking despite the giant grey clouds above. They arrive at Miss Crosman’s house (the piano teacher) soaked to the bone. While in the room the narrator notices a very nice white umbrella. After their lessons were all over Miss Crosman asks if they want to wait inside due to the weather. But the sisters reply “Our mother will be here any minute.” Half an hour later Miss Crosman offers the sisters some pot roast, but the narrator insists that their mother will be arriving shortly, but Mona cracks and goes inside. Miss Crosman goes inside and comes back out with the white umbrella. Miss Crosman gave the umbrella to the narrator. As soon as she gave the umbrella to the narrator they saw their mom’s headlights come around the corner, quickly she shoved the umbrella up her skirt because that’s what she asked for Christmas. Mona, noticing something up the narrators skirt. When they came to a red light their mother was blocking the cross walk, so she threw the car in reverse without checking her rear view mirror and hit the car behind them. Relieved to have the attention diverted from her, the narrator throws the umbrella down the sewer drain when they get out of the car.
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