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A hero is defined as someone who overcomes adversity. The Movie “The Hurricane”, directed by Norman Jewison is based on a true story about Rubin “Hurricane” Carter who was wrongly imprisoned for murder but eventually becomes a hero. Hurricane's heroism in the film is revealed through techniques such as camera direction, lighting and particularly the script.

Rubin Carter was an African-American man who rose above his troubled youth to become a top contender for the middle-weight boxing title. However, his dreams are shattered when he is accused of a triple murder, and is convicted to three natural-life terms. Despite his dogged efforts to prove his innocence through his autobiography, the years of fruitless efforts have left him discouraged.

The director, Norman Jewison, employs lighting in many scenes to further create the image of Carter as a hero. One scene which comes to mind is the hospital scene when De La Pesca reveals himself. He appears half in the shadows, symbolising that he is a two faced character and he cannot be trusted and is clearly the villain in the story. He is only half lit, confirming to the viewer that our hero is going to be hounded by this villain,as indeed he is, throughout his life.

Jewison uses even more powerful symbols as a vehicle to portray Carter as a hero in the final court scene where he also uses camera direction to foreshadow what is about to happen. Jewison gives us a hint by zooming in on the word 'Justice' and the American flag, also located at the front of the court. The flag stands for freedom and equality in the American society. In addition, while everyone stands in respect for the Judge, the camera pans down from the eagle. Another powerful symbol is the Judge, suggesting that Carter finally has a chance to receive a fair hearing. Jewison continually employs a low angle shot of the Judge to emphasise that he is the most powerful man who is also above the influence of the villain De La Pesca. Jewison employs a...
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