The Red Umbrella

Topics: Cuba, Fidel Castro, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: August 1, 2012
The Red Umbrella
After the Cuban revolution started in 1959, thousands of families began immigrating to different countries. They did not care so much about the country they were going to live in, all they care about was escaping from that revolution and its consequences. One perfect example of this is the book The Red Umbrella written by Christina Diaz Gonzalez. It is a true story that took place in Cuba in 1961when more than 14,000 children had to come to the United States to escape Castro’s regime in a program known as Operation Pedro Pan. The main characters of the story are Lucia and Frankie, a brother and a sister that went to a lot of harsh situations. Lucia was a 14 years old girl that all she was thinking about was parties, fashion, and on her first crush. One day when the revolution hit home, freedom was stripped away and a lot of people began to disappear. Schools closed, and teenagers were sent to teach others how to read. Finally Lucia’s parents made the decision that would change their life forever, and sent Lucia and her brother to the United States alone, thinking that one day they will return home. When they arrived to Miami they were taken to a relocation camp, until Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, a family from Grand Isle, adopted them. After a couple of years living with the wonderful family, Lucia and Frankie would finally see their parents again. This amazing book has an incredible meaning for those who have gone through similar situations and have left their loved ones behind. I really liked this book because it shows reality, what happened and is still happening nowadays. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and anyone who wants to learn more about the immigration problems around the world. It teaches us the true meaning of home that it does not matter where we go, as long as we are with the people we really love.
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