Where Do Up Students Usually Eat Their Meals?

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Where Do UP Students Usually Eat Their Meals?
Karen Barbara M. Oreo
BS Economics 2009-02957

Have you ever wondered where the students of the University of the Philippines-Diliman usually eat? If yes, this survey will inform you where they usually do. Further, it will also try to answer the question “Why do they eat their meals at the places where they usually eat?”

UP is said to be the microcosm of the Filipino society. Putting it in a context that will be used in this survey, it means that the mix of people in this university is so diverse. Almost every sector of the society is represented. They differ in religious views, economic backgrounds, home towns, skin colors, body built, native languages, interests, etc. Despite of these differences, is there a common denominator on their preferences as to where to eat? If yes, on what basis? Those are the questions that this survey tries to answer.

To answer those questions, I handed out 15 questionnaires made by the UP College of Home Economics to 15 different UP students. I tried my best to diversify the degree programs of the students who will answer the survey. Before handing out a questionnaire, I asked the student about his/her degree program. I put priority on this degree program diversification because I have this pre-conceived notion that people at the same college tend to have more or less the same routine or preferences on their usual schoolday eating places. I suspect that the accessibility factor is responsible for this. With regards to gender, I tried to even out the number of respondents between two genders. The age, however, was not treated as a very significant determinant in the manner I handed out the questionnaires because I believe that the differences in our age, which is very minimal, is insignificant since they all belong on the same generation.

FN 1 Eating Places Survey Results
Total Number of Respondents: 15



Degree Program
degree programfrequency
BA Journalism2
BS Business Economics1
BS Economics2
BA Broadcast Communication1
BA Speech Communication1
BS Business Administration and Accountancy1
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology1
BA Art Studies1
BS Biology1
BA Philosophy1
BSE Chemistry1
Bachelor of Library and Information Science1
BS Chemistry1


1.Where do you usually eat your meals during schooldays?
bring baon3
campus eateries10
Econ lounge, Tita Longs, Rodic’s, CASAA, CMC, CSKatag, Main Lib Kiosks, LB (Lutong Bahay), Shopping Center, NISMED, Aristocart near Yakal) fast food restaurants3
Jollibee, McDonald’s, KFC
other eating places1
Maginhawa St.

*The total number of frequency exceeds the total number of the respondents because some of the respondents checked two or more options. If you will look at the answer on the questionnaires, there 3 who say they eat at “other places”. However, I omitted the 2 from the results table because they said that they eat at their org tambayan. As you know, the normal org tambayans do not sell food. They are referring to the place where they ate their meals instead of the place where they bought their meals.

2.If you bring “baon”, why?
cheaper/to save money/more practical4
safer/ cleaner2
have housemates that cook well1
food tastes better1
didn’t get to eat breakfast1

*There are four people who answered this question even if there are only two who declared that they bring “baon” as asked in question number one. This may mean that though they usually don’t bring “baon”, at some point in time, they also have brought “baon” on schooldays. The frequency is greater than the number of respondents who bring “baon” because they specified more than one reason as answers to the question.

3.If you patronize the campus...
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