Documentary Analysis: Piging Para Kay Pepe

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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Reaction Paper
“Piging Para Kay Pepe”

Princess Pearl L. Madamba

The best way to know what's in a man's heart is by finding out what's in his dinner plate. Our hero's plate was always full with the flavors, colors, and textures that reflect the rich Filipino culture and tradition.

If Rizal were alive today, I believe that aside from writing books, he will most definitely be maintaining a food considering all the dishes chronicled in his writings. A new capture on our national hero's extraordinary life by focusing on a whole field of dishes featured in his published works and personal letters. Award-winning actor Cesar Montano hosted the show which provided another dimension of reliability, considering his timeless, almost perfect representation of our national hero in the movie Rizal, produced by GMA 7.

A number of experts were interviewed to give further details about the dishes, in his immediate family and circle of friends' as well as the dishes importance in  the Filipinos. A number of cooks were also there to bring life to the original dishes by truly choosing similar ingredients and replicating the style in which they were cooked.

One of the dishes that really caught my attention was the way the tinola was cooked. It's funny that I have learned so much about Rizal just by focusing on the way tinola was cooked during his time. It's really true that if you want to know more about a person, you have to learn about his unique taste and what he puts on his plate. I guess, I need to cook my next Tinola ala Rizal to somehow get a part understanding of what he was really like.  For lunch, our national hero used to enjoy Ayungin (prepared many different ways) with several plates of rice. Rizal’s favorite was guinisang munggo, which he used to enjoy with his beloved Josephine Bracken. Pancit was easy to prepare, and Filipino migrants and travelers loved to...
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