Rizal Sa Dapitan

Topics: José Rizal, Abuse, Josephine Bracken Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Rizal sa Dapitan

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“Difficulties are not the reasons to give up but an inspiration to move on.” This dictum I think was on the mind of Dr. Jose P. Rizal when he was in Dapitan. He never gave up serving our country’s cause, even though the Spanish tried to deteriorate his life by threatening. Rizal lived in exile in far-away Dapitan, a remote town in Mindanao  which was under the  missionary   jurisdiction of the Jesuits, from 1892 to 1896.  This four-year inter regnum in his life was tediously unexciting, but was abundantly fruitful with varied achievements. He practiced medicine, pursued scientific studies, continued his artistic and literary works, widened his knowledge of languages, established a school for boys, promoted community development projects, invented a wooden machine for making bricks, and engaged in farming and commerce. On July 17, 1892 the day when his exile began in Dapitan where he suffered, harassed and threatened his life by the Spaniards. This exile also strengthened his nationalism, love for his family, for the people of Dapitan and where his happiness happened. During his exile  in  Dapitan,  Rizal  had  a  long  and scholarly debate with  Father  Pastells  on  religion  which revealed Rizal's  anti-Catholic  ideas acquired  in  Europe and the embitterment at his persecution by bad friars.  It is understandable why he  was  bitter  against  the  friars who committed certain abuses under the cloak of religion. As  he  wrote  to  Blumentritt  from  Paris  on  January 20, 1890: "I want to hit the friars, but only friars who utilized religion not only  as  a  shield,   but  also  as  a  weapon, castle, fortress, armor, etc.; I was forced to  attack  their false  and  superstitious  religion  in  order  to  fight  the enemy who hid himself behind it." Rizal also gave medical assistance and free medicines to the poor person which was a very sincere action. He also operated his mother’s right eye in Dapitan. He became also a farmer,...
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