When You Fall in Love, You Are Willing to Give It Your All Until You Just Don’t Have Anything to Give Anymore.

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When you fall in love, you are willing to give it your all until you just don’t have anything to give anymore.

When you fall in love, it can take many different tolls. Many say love is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. When you’re on the top of the roller coaster, you have nothing to worry about. As soon as the roller coaster makes it drop you have a weird feeling in your stomach. A feeling that makes you want to just give up, but then you start going up again. When the roller coaster is over, you end by going down. Then you give up. That’s how it is in love, as well.

In Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers gave their relationship their all, but nobody approved of it. At the end they finally gave up. Romeo felt weak when he saw Juliet dead, so he killed himself. Then poor little Juliet woke up from her sleep and found Romeo, the love of her life, dead. She couldn’t stand living without him. She felt weak, so she killed herself as well.

In the movie The Notebook Allie and Noah are madly in love. Allie’s parents think it’s just a foolish summer romance that will end as soon as summer is over, but little do they know that Noah will love their little princess until she’s old can’t take care of herself anymore. Their love was true, and Noah gave everything he had into their relationship. Even though Allie almost married somebody else, they stuck together till the end, when they passed away in each other’s arms as they slept.

When I was in love, I was blind. My boyfriend cheated on me, and he treated me horribly, yet no matter what he did; I still wanted to be with him. I finally broke up with him, and he started going out with another girl the next day. I felt so stupid, yet I still loved him. I loved him everyday for the next 5 months, and he just took me for granted. I gave him my all, until finally I just didn’t have anything to give anymore.

I wonder what love would be like, if you didn’t feel so...
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