Last Gods

Topics: Love Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: December 6, 2012
“Last Gods “is a real description of the act of love making in an artistic and erotic way.

By: Maria Anthea

Assignment Presented for the Course
Love Literature
Taught by: Patricia
In the Fall Semester, 2012

Cegep John Abbott College

Topic sentence: Galway Kinnell’s “Last Gods “is a real description of the act of love making in an artistic and erotic way.

To be honest, it is really my first time to encounter a very evocative poem, at the beginning of the lines, I feel a little bit intimidated and shy and blushing at the same time because it depicts a very sensitive and sensual topic that some of us considered as a taboo, but as I read along the way, I realized that the author carefully polished every words to deliver an erotic poem in a artistic possible way without compromising the quality of its work. Here is my thought why the “Last Gods “is a real description of the act of love making in an erotic way.

“The hair of their bodies startles up. They cry in the tongue of the last gods, who refused to go, chose death, and shuddered in joy and shattered in pieces, bequeathing in their cries into the human mouth”. Here man and woman are in their natural state and a part of nature. It's about the perfect pleasure that is possible to receive from sharing our bodies with each other. It portrays a give and take relationship between the two bodies that are enjoying the most beautiful gift of heaven which is a love making in a perfect way.

“He puts a berry in its shirt of mist into her mouth. She swallows it. He puts in another. She swallows it. Over the lake two swallows whim, juke, jink, and when one snatches an insect they both whirl up and exult”. Here the body is honored, respected and considered a sacred element. It implies an emotional context that is life enhancing. There are no rough words that show disrespect, emotional coldness and even no trace of aggression, just purely a poem that embodies intensity, sensuality and honesty, which...
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