What Women Really Want

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  • Published : December 30, 2009
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Women are most powerful force shaping the future of this world. They are quietly exerting a unified power to make changes in our culture and commerce. She is considered to be the best creation of god. She plays different roles in this world. she is a mother, sister, wife, daughter, boss, and so on. She is playing a significant role in almost all walks of life. She carries out all her responsibilities without complaining much to this world. So now the question arises that “what women really want?” Most women know it, and most of them certainly not. Women need following things in order to be fulfilled :- Love :- The deepest desire of a women is to be loved and is to find a favor in her men’s eyes. Only love and accolades from her partner is what nourishes and sustains her relation. Love trumps all. She forgives many minor transgressions, if she has that sense of being treasured and loved, and being cared for. Love, which is a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness. Feminineness :- A women needs to enjoy all the things that comes with being a women. She needs to feel beautiful and sexy. She needs to feel feminine which makes her feel alive. Experiencing new things in new ways is very important. Confidence :- women want confidence from men. Confidence is not arrogance, dominance or one-upmanship. It is feeling of trust in their work and words. Confident women are always loved by the men. Confidence is an attitude thing. It is very necessary in any work done by the women. It is primarily an attitude toward meeting life challenges of all kinds. Freedom :- women want freedom to think. They should be given enough freedom to think and put forward new innovative ideas. Sometime it happens that in an orthodox society they are not allowed to think and perform according to their wish. So at these places it becomes very...
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