What Were the Main Problems the Tsar Faced Up to 1905

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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What Were the Main Problems that the Tsar Faced up to 1905?

Russia was faced with a Revolution in 1905, through a chain of events leading up to it. With the economic instability, poor working conditions and the growing discontent of the people, the demand for reformation and revolution soon arose.. The ever rapidly increasing population of Russia outlined a new milestone for the empire. A population increase demands more from the economy and requires a higher effort to please the entire nation. However, Russia and the Tsar were definitely not ready for such expansion in population and backward views on society only provided another reason to further worsen the arising discontent. Village population had grown from 61to 78 million between 1877 and 1905 but the land owned by peasants only grew 24.2 per cent. There was a shortage of determination to improve the land by the Tsar. The view on autocracy was being undermined, even though there was trust in the Tsar by most people. The Tsar’s ignorance on issues such as the poor living conditions for the peasants, as well as aspects such as working hours, child labour and wages gave more for some to Russians to get annoyed about. Rising prices along with tremendous taxes influenced the peasants to revolt, hence playing a part in the Russian revolution .Russia was seen as a backward nation, in agriculture, technology and in rule of power. In many countries, especially in the United States, power had been redistributed to the people and technology along with industrialisation had allowed for better living conditions. Tsar Nicholas II was a conservative leader and was seen as unsuitable for a job demanding a lot to effectively rule the nation. His decision to prevent reform was sensible possibly in older times; however the decision to repress revolution and limit ideas of individuality backfired, only forming more demand for reform all across Russia. The Tsar had tried to modernize Russia through active developments...
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