Topics: Nicholas II of Russia, World War I, Russian Empire Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Michael Garner

Assess the view that the First World War was the main cause of the collapse of Romanov rule

There were many reasons why the Romanov rule fell in the year 1917. I personally believe that the war was a major reason which led to the Tsar to abdicate but I also believe there are many other reasons which led to the Tsar to abdicate.

I believe that one of the main reasons for the Tsar’s abdication and the collapse of the Romanov rule was the poor state which Russia was in. Russia’s economy was at the worst it had ever been. The economy was far worse than other countries in the War. There were millions of peasants in Russia who had very limited amount of money. With such a limited amount of money, many peasants were unable to buy food, and drink to help them to survive. Peasants believed that they weren’t getting rewarded fairly for the work which they were doing. The upper classes’ benefit greatly due to work done by the Peasants. This created a negative atmosphere around Russia and helped fuel the need for a change. Peasants wanted change; they wanted to be rewarded more for their efforts at work. Russia was in an economic crisis. They had borrowed a huge amount of money from capital countries in order to fuel Russia’s war effort. This was a problem for Russia because they simply didn’t have the money to repay these countries. During the war the country had suffered inflation. Prices had risen dramatically for everyday items such as bread. The country was suffering and the Russian people’s families were dyeing in a war which wasn’t being funded. The Russian people were bound to be discontent and they only had one person to blame and that was the Tsar.

Another main factor which I believe led to the collapse of the Romanov rule was that the Tsar decided to take over and become the ‘supreme commander of the Russian Army’. This wasn’t a good idea for the Tsar because he was taking up this job with no previous experience of ruling the Army....
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