Ap Euro Late 19th Century Important Figures

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Important Nineteenth Century Guys Charts
Note: Legacies are gone into detail in the charts
Tsar Alexander II
Positives| Negatives|
* Introduced emancipation edict, gave the right to peasants to own land, marry their own choice, bring suits to court. * Peasants were given their own land. * Zemstvos (local assemblies) were put in place by Alexander, they could levy taxes and took charge over matters of education, famine, public projects * Local and provincial courts were made. * Introduced a judicial code that affirmed the principle of equality before the law.| * The land given to the peasants was not of good quality, the peasants also had to pay the state long term installments. The peasants were also responsible to the village commune that forced them to pay their installments and not be free of the land. * The local assemblies couldn’t attain much because of the interruption of bureaucrats afraid that it would turn into a self –government. * Alexander’s reform policies led to increasing reform movements that led to a populist group assassinating him, making his son turn against any reform and go back to repression. His reform policies also set the foundation for the fall of Russia’s Monarchy in 1917.|

Albert Dreyfus
Positives| Negatives|
* One of the first Jews in France to gain a high ranking position in the military. * Proved anti-sematic views wrong, could have possibly created a bigger window of opportunity for future people of Jewish decent. * Caused a major debate on anti-Semitism, more awareness and better reputation for Jews was gained after Dreyfus was pardoned and given the promotion of Major and also granted the status of a Knight of the Legion on Honour. | * Accused of leaking artillery information, Dreyfus was imprisoned but later pardoned. Fanned the flame of anti-sematic views. * "The government of the Republic has given me back my freedom. It is nothing for me without my honor."- the Dreyfus...
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