How Successfully Did Alexander Iii Suppress Opposition?

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sHow successfully did Alexander III suppress opposition?
Alexander III was the Tsar of Russia from 1881 to 1894 and during his reign, Russia became somewhat stable, and Alexander himself opposed his father’s reforms and stamped out any opposition to his rule.

His father, Alexander II had allowed reformers to be present in the government. This allowed instability and opposition at times when Russia was not in its better stages. Revolts and rebellions has plagued Russian History and opposed the Tsars in the past. From this, Alexander III wanted to keep reformers out of the Government in an attempt to reduce opposition and keep stability. He was somewhat successful, there were fewer rebellions against the Tsar and stability was in order for long periods of time.

Alexander III also opposed the military reforms his father had made; he changed the conscription rules and reduced the size of the Russian Army. This was welcomed by the people, they had previously been a bloody nation and very militaristic, and the people of Russia felt this was a large step to become a more peaceful nation and so, opposition that were unhappy of Russia’s war like tendencies, were reduced. However, Alexander III did avoid sorting a peace between Russia and Turkey, and wanted to go ahead with a war. Although people did not want war, they respected his decision and saw that the new Tsar was a man that would not put up with any opposition to his nation or his title, and so opposition was reduced again.

The policies of Russia that Alexander II had refused to acknowledge, or even strived to end, were revisited by the new Tsar and people felt as though he was fairer and had ears to hear the voices of his people. They felt as though the new Alexander was more involved with the welfare of his people and so Opposition to his reign was reduced, as the people who had previously been ignored, were now listened to and their opinions met with acknowledgement.

Alexander also used a deal of...
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