Albert Camus's Political Writing and Career

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  • Published : January 5, 2012
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Camus’s Political Writing/Career
Through his political writing, Camus expresses a variety of philosophical ideologies that are in many ways similar to those expressed in “The Stranger.” In the writing, Camus explores various ideas that are reflective of how society appears to him. * 1943 Joined a French resistance called the “Combat” who opposed the Nazis. Had an underground newspaper; Camus became the editor, under the name “Beauchard,” criticized French collaboration with the Nazis ”Now the only moral value is courage, which is useful here for judging the puppets and chatterboxes who pretend to speak in the name of the people...” – written in the newspaper The content usually tried to convince people to act with strict moral principals This is where he developed his idea that though human life may seem pointless since everyone must meet death at one point in time, it is still sacred; and each person must be responsible for their own actions and consequences. the content of newspaper likely expressed his ultimate distaste towards the actions of the Nazis and the violence erupting due to their ambition for power. Innocent people falling under their control and abuse. this goes with Camus’s ideology that men should be responsible for what they make of themselves in the universe. However, he strongly opposes the Nazis likely because they are not held responsible for the genocide; they instead, are encouraged and feared, not held accountable for the millions of deaths they’ve caused. Meursault knows that death is the ultimate consequence to murdering the Arab; he has no personal, or emotional ties with the dead man; he accepts this truth; his insensitivity actually provides a means for him to accept the idea of existentialism. This gives the impression that Meursault sees the murder as a consequence and the cause of his current problems. Also, only during his trial and imprisonment, Meursault recognizes that he is responsible for his own life, and realizes...
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