What Step Might Be Taken If It Is Necessary to Follow Up Performance Appraisals

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Create five performance indicators that could apply for sales manager

Lead Response Time
When it comes to lead response, speed is essential to increasing sales reps’ odds of success. The data seems to confirm what our instincts tell us -- that prospects equate a responsive company with a good company. Since Harvard’s study on response outcomes showed that sales reps that contacted leads within 1 hour were seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a decision maker, other studies have affirmed the findings. The only question then has been not when to respond, but who should respond. Is some sort of automation such as an email or robo call enough? Don’t kid yourself. There’s really no substitute for a personal phone call by an actual sales rep. To measure this, you’ll need to track inbound and outbound phone calls within salesforce.com and look at how quickly your team, on average, responds. With few exceptions, try to ensure that your sales team responds within 1 hour. Rate of Contact

One thing we’ve learned from connecting call metrics to salesforce.com is that virtually every good sales manager wants to make sure that outbound call volume is high estimates that reps should be generating roughly 32 opportunities per 1,000 outbound calls. Keep in mind that those numbers were for outbound prospecting, a term that tends to include many calls that are relatively cold. So keep an eye on those call logs. If lots of activity doesn’t lead to achievement, it may be time to start listening to sample call recordings to try to work on the pitch. Rate of Follow Up Contact

Persistence pays off.  A National Sales Executive Association survey found that 48% of sales agents never follow up with leads a second time. This is significant since 10% of sales are closed on the fourth contact, and 80% are made on the fifth to 12th contact. As a sales manager, you hope to look at every lead record that is being worked over time and see multiple leads and calls logged against it. Clicks from Sales Follow-Up Emails

Think about the best sales follow-up emails you’ve ever received. Effective reps try to bring something to the conversation that will re-interest and re-engage you. That often requires links to content. That could be a link to a promotion, whitepaper, a new pricing page, or in the B2B world, even a study that validates the product  being sold.  The goal of this metric isn’t necessarily about volume or click-through-rate (CTR). It’s to ensure that reps are actually embedding links to content in follow-up emails that are tailored to the leads they’re working.  If you find it isn’t happening, it may mean that you need to either get them more content they can use, or make them aware of what you already have. Social Media Usage

This is one of the more difficult data points to measure, but in general, you need to make sure that your sales reps are active in social media. We know that top sales reps use LinkedIn, and that there is a direct correlation between reps that are social media enthusiasts and revenue as a direct result from the channel. What’s less clear so far is how much contact and what types of contact are making the difference. Since there are few KPI guidelines in place for measuring social micro-strategies, you’ll have to rely on your own instincts to define how your reps are making connections and using the channel.

Methods of performance appraisal
Performance appraisal methods include 11 methods as follows:

1. Critical incident method

The critical incidents for performance appraisal is a method in which the manager writes down positive and negative performance behavior of employees throughout the performance period

2. Weighted checklist

This method describe a performance appraisal method where rater familiar with the jobs being evaluated prepared a large list of descriptive statements about effective and ineffective behavior on jobs...
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