What Makes Me a Malaysian

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Malaysia, is a country which cannot be defined in a word. The citizens are from different races and religion. The unity in these different cultures is what that makes Malaysia a wonderful country. One may ask who started all this or rather who brought all these multiracial aspects together in one country. All these will be answered as we go along.

Back in 1957,Tunku Abdul Rahman made his way through every hardship to give independence to Malaysia, then known as Malaya. On 31st August 1957 in Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman also known as the Father of Independence made Malaya proud by announcing the independence of Tanah Melayu. The memorable announcement was held at the Stadium Merdeka and it has now become a historical destination.

The reason why I mentioned earlier on who brought about the multiracial aspect in Malaysia is because Tunku Abdul Rahman did not go for the negotiation with the British in London all by himself. But, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun V.T. Sambathan followed him as well. Without any of us realizing, our Father of Independence had unite the three main races since then. We are the followers of what they had done and that is something to be proud about. If it wasn't for them the peace, unity and harmony that we are enjoying today might not happen.

Besides all that has been mentioned above, Malaysia has many tourism spots that has been center of attractions till to date. From beautiful islands to the city centers, every state has a center of attraction. We may not experience four seasons in a year, but we enjoy historical places and beautiful islands that for sure will bring you back for more.

Coming back to our subject matter, what makes me a Malaysian? From all that I have explained above, there are many ways that makes me or rather us a Malaysian. Let’s see what others has to say about this.

1.1 First finding ( Summary )
If there is a word to describe Malaysia, what would be the word and why?

Every Malaysian have their own view on Malaysia. To prove that, I have made a survey on what makes me a Malaysian.
As every Malaysian has the right to give their opinion, I have came up with a few questions to evaluate on what Malaysian thinks of Malaysia. I started my survey by gathering a group of people ranging from the age of 20 to 35 years old and interviewing them based on the questions that I have created.

To start, I have asked them to describe Malaysia in a word and why. There were many answers to this question from harmony, fantastic, peaceful, and unity.
There are many reasons as to why they have described Malaysia as such. For instance, one of the interviewee described Malaysia as a harmony country. This is because, she feels that regardless of race, religion or colour, and creeds have been able to live in a harmony for centuries. Moreover, she is in the opinion that this is our biggest asset and strength.

On the other hand, another interviewee described Malaysia as a fantastic country. She explains that Malaysia is a beautiful country with different ethnics, cultures and people that stay united as one.

However, not all interviewee were giving positive feedbacks from this survey. For instance, one of the interviewee described Malaysia as not giving opportunities to the younger generations. As every citizen have the right to have an opinion, the interviewee would have a reason which I believe he was not comfortable to share. But, clearly that has influenced his perception on his country.

Nevertheless, majority of the answer gained from this survey are on the positive side. One of the interviewee defines Malaysia as a country that is always united. She is in the view that even with the current political issues, everyone is still being united together. She feels that we are way better comparing to other countries and find that, as something that we should be proud about.

In conclusion, everyone has a different point of view on how they describe Malaysia....
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