Ways to Promote Integration

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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THE ROLE OF MEDIA & INFORMATION AGENCIES IN PROMOTINGNATIONAL INTEGRATION & UNITY IN A MULTI ETHNIC SOCIETY AS INMALAYSIAINTRODUCTION Malaysia is a small country which has a unique multi-ethnic. Ethnicity in Malaysiacan be traced back with the emergence of the Chinese during the Malacca Sultanate inearly 15th century and expended in 18th century when thousands of Chinese familiesstart to settle in Johor and Terengganu. During the British colonization, the large number of immigrants of two major ethnic, the Chinese and Indian were brought to Malaysia.Today there were more than 20 ethnic besides the 3 main races stretched from Peninsular Malaysia, Perlis until to Sabah, East Malaysia.According to the Oxford Dictionary defined that an ethnic is a group of peoplesharing a common national or cultural tradition; denoting origin by birth or descent rather than nationality; relating to race or culture. Therefore it is important for Malaysia to ensure the unity and the integration of this multi-ethnic in order all ethnics could live in this country with peace and harmony. The incident of major racial disputes on 13 May1969, is a good lesson learnt for Malaysia to take measures and steps to avoid theincident from repeated. One of the instrument used by the government is through mediaand information agencies which played a important role in promoting national integration& unity of this multi ethnic society. The media is an instruments of broadcasting asconveying information to the public e.g. Poster, banner, New paper, Magazine, journalsTV, Radio, Internet whereas the information agencies are the body which responsibilityin giving public an information through electronic media.
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