What Kind of Music Do You Find Appealing? Give Reasons and Examples of Your Choice.

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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What kind of music do you find appealing?
Give reasons and examples of your choice.

“Music is universal” I do not know who said that but he or she put it out very well. Music transcends all known barriers of race or nationality and hits you right where it should with its rhythm, instruments, vocals and if the language is known to you the lyrics – right to your innermost sanctum of mood and feelings. So of course our taste depends on how the music makes us feel and I’m no different to that. The past year or so, frustrated by the auto tuned and generic music assailing from all sides, I took a trip back in time to the bygone eras and struck pure gold. The music from the late 60s onwards fascinated me and I was completely blown away by the skill of the rock and roll revolutionists of the era. Some of the major movers and the shakers of the time, “Blue Oyster Cult” and “Pink Floyd” are two bands I count among my favorites. The appeal of this music is so great because I find immense complexity in the instrumentals and the vocals of their music – especially with Pink Floyd. Listening to their “Time” album on a headset with my eyes closed is one of the most deeply fulfilling experiences I can think of. If you have happened to listened to it deeply enough the perfect coming together of a kaleidoscope of seemingly meaningless noises in such an intricate piece of music is truly a stimulating experience to the ear. The psychedelic guitar solos is the icing on the top of the cake were one to focus on it properly. Pink Floyd is the perfect background music to your thoughts if ever you feel the need to ponder the mysteries of the universe. On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, I also count Adele and Anya Marina among artists whose music I enjoy very much. Unlike the other female pop stars who are blatant sex symbols to sell a product misleadingly labeled as “music” I find both these women and their music very much appealing for being unique and real – they...
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