What Kids Do in Their Spare Time!

Topics: Adolescence, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Too many teenagers these days are running around unsupervised and getting into trouble after school. They may be bored or under stimulated, and instead of choosing something productive to do, they roam the streets with their buddies looking for something to keep them busy. Unfortunately, that "something to do" can and usually does get them in a lot of trouble. From drugs to violence to having sex, our teenagers are at risk. Young people with a lot of free time are potentially more open to get into trouble than those who are involved in sports. That doesn't mean that every child who isn't in sports is going to cause trouble but it does open up more opportunities for them to do so. After school sports provides an outlet for their energy. Keeping children on the move and parental involvement in their lives is very important.

In today's world, most families have two working parents to make ends meet. Unfortunately for the children of these families, it means there is some time home alone until Mom or Dad gets home from work. During that time, the kids are free to do whatever they want, unsupervised. Many adolescents call friends to come over or go out and hang out with their friends at their unsupervised house. Some even choose to hang out in pairs or groups around the neighborhood. Not all of these kids are going to get into trouble but the opportunity is wide open for them to do so. Being involved in a sport and having less time to "hang out", teenagers are less exposed to violence, drugs and sexual opportunities. The teenage years are the time when smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is introduced to most of our children. It's no secret that usually the person introducing them to these vices is a friend or schoolmate. No matter how much parents talk to their kids about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking, sometimes the peer pressure is too great and the children will try it anyways. Children who are involved and serious about sports don't want to...
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