What It Is Like to Be a Teenager

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  • Published : May 14, 2005
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What it is like to be a teenager.

A teenager's life is not as simple as many think. The changes each adolescent goes through are enormous. Many people believe the change is only physical, which is completely untrue. The greatest change teenager faces are those within his/her brain; another word, psychological. In the charts and graphs, it is evident that teenagers are constantly pressured by their surroundings, which explains the reason for them being stressed. After studying charts in class certain conclusion can be drawn from the information. It is evident that teenagers feel depressed due to the constant pressure of obtaining three factors which are money, education, and personal relationships.

It is shown on the graphs that nowadays less people get married but instead more people stay with their parents. The reason for this is the lack of money. Due to the increase in the living expenses people can no longer afford to pay for all the bills. This is especially true if the person is not yet stable and does not have a full time job. I believe this affects the society in a negative way, because some adolescents are pressured into staying with their parents against their will. Especially those who do not get along with their family members have no option but to stay because the government has made everything so expensive. Currently money seems as one of the most important features within a person life. These days everything revolves around money, and sometimes it seems impossible to have a good life without it. Seeing my parents struggle because of money, definitely pressures me to become more successful then my parents. It also makes me realize the importance of planning future, and how it will have an effect on my life later on. But because of all these pressures, I sometimes can become stressed and very moody. Another factor which teenagers are being pressured about is education. Over the years the education has evolved, from post-industrial to...
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