Curfew Essay

Topics: Adolescence, Time, Childhood Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: January 18, 2011
Establishing A Curfew

A 10:00 pm curfew for all children under the age of 18 is the most breathtaking concept the mayor of our town has ever deliberated. This can preclude adolescents to stay out of dilemmas and vulnerabilities. A large number of youngsters are out of control around this period of time which is during nightfall. Youths are not aware of the imprudent things they do when they are not under surveillance by their parents or guardians. Having no curfew can also cause changes of personality because the more kids continue to stay out late, the more they can get influence from hostility.The only solution to these tribulations is for the young people to get home in time to cause less predicaments and worries. The most appropriate answer is to have a curfew. A curfew provide parents the rights to give an order to their children under 18 to return home daily before a certain time.

One of the dilemmas and vulnerabilities teenagers are under going is having an arduous time making decent resolutions for their selves. For instance, many children under 18 years old are implicated in crimes involving felony with drugs and alcohol. If your child is home by the time he/ she is told to, there is no bad habits will be occur because of curfew that prevented it from prevalence.

The teenager stage of our lives is the most complicated component of all. In these convoluted stages we occasionally do unwise substances that can cause impairment and indemnity to ourselves but we do not prove concerns to the consequences of our actions. The curfew can preclude all these appalling consequences that can possibly happen to your kids.

At a very young intellect, teenagers do not empathize that they still need valuable counsel from their parents or guardians, this basis proves why teenagers get fierce when there are no adults examining them. Having a curfew is very beneficial for parents who have kids that are very gregarious.

Adolescents take advantage once...
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