What Is the Leading Cause of Divorce in Modern Marriages?

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  • Published : September 27, 2008
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What is the leading cause of divorce in modern marriages?
There are many different reasons that could lead married couples to file for divorce. According to recent research the most frequently cited are: lack of commitment to the marriage, infidelity, abandonment, alcohol addiction, substance abuse, physical abuse, lack of maturity, falling out of love, and etc. (Panse, Sonal) However, the leading cause of divorce in these modern times is lack of communication between man and wife. A marriage fails when there is failure to express emotions or discuss personal issues while expecting one another to be able to read each other’s minds. This lack of communication usually stems from failure to discuss expectations before marriage which would in turn lead to less willingness to work on their problems and so they look for a quick-fix solution which is divorce. Many couples think that the little problems aren’t worth being talked about, but these little problems can escalate to full-blown conflicts if not resolved by communication. This would in turn lead to feelings of resentment for one another. Continued lack of communication will cause these feelings of resentment to worsen which could eventually lead to divorce. One of the common issues married couples avoid discussing are decisions when it comes to shared finances. This will ultimately lead to financial problems which could have been avoided if there was open communication. Another would be decisions about their children like where to send them to school. Failure to talk about it before the time to actually decide would lead to a series of arguments. So as we can see lack, of communication isn’t an isolated problem. Financial problems, decisions concerning the children, and etc, stem from lack of communication. So why is lack of communication the leading cause of divorce nowadays? I mean, how hard can it be? To answer that, complete honesty makes us vulnerable. Past experiences may have hardened us, making it...
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