What Is Research Writing

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Writing has exponentially helped the human race in countless ways of studying and learning. Without writing, information would have been lost throughout the ages. A form of writing arose with the starving nature for knowledge that possessed by the human race. With the invention of research writing the human race was able to gain knowledge in many academic fields and write their finding in what we all hate and dread “essays” commonly known as (research writing). Research writing is a type of writing that demands skills in researching a specific topic or subject. Many methods of acquiring the information can surface with the knowledge gained via books, text, and even word of mouth. With the invention of the internet, research writings have been even easier to formulate due to the vast data bases and blogs. The internet is one method mostly used when trying to figure out the meanings/ purpose of that subject or writing topic. Research writing is what your English teacher gives you when he or she is in need of more info for that subject/topic so in turn your professor has gained more knowledge in that topic from the multiple students gathering information and passing it on for others to read and in a sense the cycle of passing information is complete. Research writing should grant not only the reader but also the person who is writing the paper valuable information on his or her topic, which in turn has given them some insight on the matters of the topic/subject. Research writing is one of the main staples of learning, therefore is present and abundant in different fields of study, ranging from math all the way to physical fitness. Research writing is tested in most all English / writing college level courses. Without the ability of research writing the human race would not only have no clue of how they got there but would most certainly not be where we are today.
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