What Is Poverty?

Topics: Poverty in the United States, Poverty threshold, Poverty Pages: 3 (471 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Frank Garcia
Basic Critical Thinking

What is poverty? Poverty is the state of one who does not have a certain amount

of content belongings or money. Overall poverty or destitution represents the deprival of

basic human needs, which generally contains food, water, cleanliness, outfits, protection,

medical care and knowledge. Relative poverty is determined contextually as economic

inequality in the location or community in which people live. The results we are aiming

toward is that poverty would be a problem of the past not the current or future. There

were more than 49 million People in America living in hardship truly (poverty), under an

alternative evaluate of the Census Bureau 2010(CNN)

Mollie Orshansky, a civil servant in the Social Security Administration who took

the cost of a “thrifty food basket” for a family of four and multiplied it by three, devised

the current formula. Her formula has been changed because of inflation. It continues to

harbor a number of quirks traceable to attitudes of a half-century ago, such as a one

thousand dollars reduction in the poverty line for senior citizens, largely because

Orshansky, an economist and statistician, thinking that older people eat less than


A guaranteed minimum income guarantees that every resident will stay be able to

buy a preferred level of primary needs there is also social security and unemployment

benefits to help people struggling. President Obama has 5 solutions to cut poverty; which

are creating good jobs, raising wages, training the next generation of workers, investing

in children and strengthening families. I will try to help out in my local community

program and participate in their programs to fight against poverty, some of these

problems include can drives and donations to help people suffering from poverty. In my

home I will try to conserve food and not waste what I can use...
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