Poverty in Society

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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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Poverty in Society
Sam Adams
Strayer University Sociology 101

Poverty can be defined in many ways and can take many forms. Webster dictionary defines poverty as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. I, on the other hand, define poverty as meaning people that have no money to live on or food to eat, and are struggling in everyday life. Society defines the issue of poverty in three forms of measuring poverty: extreme, moderate, and relative poverty.

Extreme poverty is where a person is extremely poor. In the US, the total income for these people is calculated to be less than $1 per day. This means that those people are not making enough to even survive and are making only enough to meet some of their basic needs. Moderate poverty is where a person would have access to the basic necessities of life. However, they do not have much when it comes to disposable income. They generally lack the wealth to educate their children, save for the future, and invest in improving their infrastructure. Relative poverty is where a person has consistent access to the basic necessities of life where extreme and moderate poverty do not.

Based on where a person in poverty is, affects them differently on that person and their family. People in extreme poverty usually go through generations before they have all the basic needs necessary to survive. They also have more barriers when it comes to social mobility and ultimately getting a job. Moderate and relative poverty people may also pass on the poverty for generations, but are faced with fewer barriers (http://www.eldis.org/go/topics/dossiers/meeting-the-health-related-needs-of-the-very-poor/poverty-and-ill-health/categories-of-poverty).

People in poverty, also face how they affect the economy and society around them. Since most people in poverty can’t send their child to school, they turn the life of crime. This in turn drives away business and...
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