The End of Poverty

Topics: Poverty, World Bank, Africa Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 9, 2013
“The End Of Poverty”
Many theorists believe they know what causes poverty. “Too many people and not enough jobs” seems to be the slogan used to answer all questions concerning poverty. In the documentary, “The End of Poverty”, many theorists tell how poverty was created and why it still exists today. Poverty was caused by and still exist because of military conquest, slavery, and colonization. First, the conquest of the military helped create global poverty. By overtaking undeveloped countries and making new social and cultural institutions, the militant control placed on these countries often creates the division of social classes. Mostly governed by the rich and powerful elite, the poor people of the particular country will never move up in class. This is because of laws and social institutions made up by the rich in order to stay wealthy. Next, slavery is also a factor in the cause of global poverty. For example, when people work and live in slave-like conditions, poverty will increase. Unfair pay and benefits provided by major corporations will keep the hardworking lower-class poor. The demand of various products over the world and the never-ending search for jobs makes desperate people subject able to slavery. This happens in almost every region, creating global poverty. Then, colonization creates poverty. Controlling resources that people have access to, can have negative effects on the economy. Also, taking over the land of natives’ causes sickness, and displacement. New government and social institutions which are usually enforced on the people cause them to stay poor. Also, there is a practical method that can be used to end poverty. First developed nations shall give funds to smaller poorer countries. This can be used for many things. Job opportunities, healthcare, shelter, and educational purposes can be accessed. Next creating policies to construct better water supply and agricultural improvement will be detrimental. Equal opportunities for...
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