What Is Organisational Behaviour? Notes

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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IRHR1001 – What is organisational behaviour?
Chapter 1 summary

Organisational behaviour: The study of individuals and groups in organisations. A contingency approach is the attempt by organisational behaviour scholars to identify how situations can be understood and managed in ways that appropriately respond to their unique characteristics. The performance equation:

Job performance = attributes + work effort + organisational support (All three factors must be present to gain high level of performance) Emotional intelligence: A form of social intelligence that allows us to monitor and shape our emotions and those of others. Organisations exist because individuals are limited in their physical and mental capabilities. Organisations are mechanisms through which people can combine their efforts and work together to accomplish more than any person could do alone. The aim of an organisation is to produce a product or service. The division of labour is the process of breaking the work to be done into specialised tasks that individuals or groups can perform. Synergy: The creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Human resources: the individuals and groups whose contributions enable the organisation to serve a particular purpose. Material resources: The technology, information, physical equipment and facilities, raw material and money that are necessary for an organisation to produce a good or service. Open systems transform human and physical resources received from their environment into goods and services that are then returned to the environment. A manager is a responsible for work that is accomplished through the performance contributions of others. Work teams or units are task-orientated groups that include a manager and his or her direct reports. Task quality is the quality and quantity of work produced.

Human resource maintenance is the attraction and continuation of a viable workforce. An effective manager is a manager whose work...
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