What Is Always Morally Wrong

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Part I - 3 actions I believe to always be morally wrong:
1) Stealing
2) Adultery
3) Violence

Part II - 3 actions I believe to always be morally right:
1) Loyalty
2) Equality
3) Compassion

Part III - Explanation

The three actions I consider to always be morally wrong are stealing, adultery and violence. Firstly, stealing is a form of hindering someone else’s well being and wealth fare. You may be stealing for good but what about the person you are stealing from? For example, Aladdin stealing bread because he has no money and was hungry, what about the storeowner selling the bread and the family he is trying to feed at home? Secondly adultery, the act of cheating on a person you made an everlasting commitment to. Relationships are about staying faithful and honoring the commitment you made. Adultery is taking the easy way out through a dishonest act. One must work through their problems; we cannot give up when times are tough or when a better option comes along. Someone other than yourself will get hurt, through this act you are showing complete disregard for someone else’s emotions. When a husband cheats on his wife, not only is the wife is being disrespected, but also any children they have together, their mutual friends, and both parties families. Thirdly, violence, violence is never the answer. Someone will always get physically or emotionally hurt whenever violence is involved. Relying on violence to solve one’s problems will never lead to the resolution of a situation.

The three actions I consider to always be morally right are telling the truth, equality and compassion. Firstly, loyalty, showing faithfulness and a commitment to obligations you have made. When looking at one’s closest friends, a quality you want all to have is loyalty. Loyal people are people you can trust and you know will do anything for you. Secondly, equality, accepting and respecting everyone for whom they truly are and giving equal opportunity to all. To have...
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