The Responsibilities of the Practitioner in Professional Relationships

Topics: Human rights, Health, The Child Pages: 5 (1210 words) Published: November 1, 2011
Unit 5 E1

The responsibilities of the practitioner in professional relationships: • Following the laws and legislation.
• Following policies and procedures.
• Maintaining confidentiality
• Thinking about the child’s safety and development. • Understanding the importance of teamwork.
• Respect views of parents, children
• Respect the principles of confidentiality.
• Be committed in meeting the needs of children.
• Respect parents and carers.
• Communicate effectively with parents and other team members and other professionals.

Professional practice includes:
• Developing relationships with parents.
• Understanding your responsibility.
• Working as part of a team.
• Knowing how to reporting and get clarification on your role. • Understanding what is meant about confidentiality and your role in holding information that parents or others share with you. • Respecting and listening to children.

• giving children chances to choose.
• giving children directions which are realistic.
• avoid labelling children.
• keeping safe and supervising children at all times.
• not imposing any child for special attention.

Practitioners in professional relationships have to:
• Share responsibility to meet needs of children
• Create a sense of belonging and sharing problems, difficulties and success. • Balance weakness with others strengths.
• Be positive role models and work alongside each other to help children benefit from services and equipment being provided to them. • Be responsible for their own actions.
• Express feelings without being unpleasant.
• Value everyone’s views and their right to express feelings and choose.


When working in multi professional teams it is important that we: • understand what information other agencies can offer and share with parents/ carers. • work effectively with others to improve services offered to children and families.

Practitioners liaise with members of different teams. these include: • health services
• education services
• socail services

Supportive and effective relationships should be developed with professionals and parents. The need for each practitioner to have effective communication and teamwork skills are important.

practitioners have to value and respect colleagues, regardless of their own views. practitioners should: • not talk about the way others live their live.
• Avoid stereotyping on the basis of age, sex or ethnicity. • not force ideas on others.

Settings have to maintain confidentiality in multi professional teams. This: • Relates to respecting others rights and is an important principle in childcare settings because it protects information from leaking out. • All records should only have essential information written on them.

your role and confidentiality is all about:
• you knowing how to main confidentiality and children/families need to feel confident that: ➢ you will not interfere in their lives and information shouldn’t be a source of gossip. ➢ personal information should be restricted to those who should not know, parents should be aware of the fact that Child protection overrides the need for confidentiality. working in a multiprofessional team helps practitioners to identify needs, it help practitioners to identify a variety of strategies and equipment that helps meet needs of children. E4 and D1

Reflective practise is important because it help practitioners to improve on their skills and actions. Taking time to reflect back on what was successful in a child’s learning and what should have been planned in different way, allows staff to make changes to benefit children.

it is important that we receive feedback and act on what should be improved. when hearing feed back you: • become aware of how you are getting on what is working and what is not. • Plan in order benefit children, and develop self...
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