What Do You Think Caused Deborah to React in Such Manner Towards Melinda? Do You Think These Reactions Are Justified?

Topics: Management, Team, Organizational studies Pages: 6 (2307 words) Published: March 16, 2013
1.0What do you think caused Deborah to react in such manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions are justified? Usually in every organization, there are myriads of ways how people resist change. People often show resistance to change in a very rational response based on self-interest, fear of unknown, fear of failure, personal conflicts, cultural values and assumption, politics etc. Therefore, it can be established that there are innumerable reasons people resist change and many of them focus around the notion of reactance – a negative response that occurs when individuals feel that their private freedom is threatened. From the case study, it can be seen that the housing industry association in Brisbane brought about a change relative to the human resources in the company by promoting Melinda, a 2-year-old working staff in the company to be the Executive support manager. In this same company however, Deborah (HIA Brisbane Office Manager) who has been working for HIA for fifteen years failed to be promoted. This however caused lots of negative attitude in Deborah and the reasons that caused this are discussed. Deborah is seen to have made some offensive remarks about Melinda to other staff in the company through the use of strong critics that she is an egotistical slave-driver with no respect for the people who are being supervised this is because of the lack of freedom to do things the way she likes doing it. Although these things she enjoys doing are selfish in nature and are seen to be unproductive at work. She enjoys having two hours break instead of an hour as stipulated by the company. Not only that she comes to work often time an hour after the normal time and leaves the work an hour before the closing time on the excuse of taking kids early in their schools. She felt threatened that she may not enjoy the freedom anymore more importantly that Melinda’s office will be supervising her office. She doesn’t want to relinquish her selfish attitude towards the work instead continuing it. This forms the basis of her resistance to the change implemented by the HIA’’s Executive Director. Another reason behind Deborah’s resistance to change in the company is that she feels like Melinda is low in hierarchy in the organizational level to have suddenly assumed an office that supervises her. Having spent fifteen years in HIA, she understands that Melinda should not be able to have a position of Executive Support Manager in the company. She has been the one that is unquestionable in the company being the office manager and no authority supersedes hers. Melinda’s assumption into that position indicates threat which needs to be subdued. In my own opinion, I do not think that any of Deborah’s reactions are justified. From the case study, it can be seen that Deborah is indolent and very lazy at work. Her attitude towards work is not ethical and should not be condoned. The official hours that she spends on herself and family if spent on work would have increased the output daily and that would have contributed to an increased growth of the company. If she were to be disciplined and loyal to the company, perhaps there might not be a need to have such change at that time, but because of her indolence attitude at work, then another office has to come into existence to check such negative attitudes. 2.0What could Melinda have done to better resolve this issue with Deborah? From the case study, Melinda realized that Deborah has been acting so weird at work and understood the importance and benefits of resolving the problems with her. In view of this, Melinda had a meeting with her privately at a coffee shop where she shared with her the roles and responsibilities attached to her office and strong desire and dedication to deliver. This is a good step or strategy that Melinda adopted in resolving the issues with Deborah. However, there are some other things that Melinda could have done to better resolve the issues with Deborah. The...
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