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Senior Project Reflection

Yolanda Elders

Mrs. Watson

English IV

3 April 2009


What were the total hours spent on the product?

A. Research

I spent a total of five hours on my research. During my hours I spent I have

learned so much. My research has helped me to realize the increase and decrease of the

men salaries. The research has helped me to understand what should I do to let the

younger teenagers know about the men salaries, and why they are rated so high. Some

people think since they are men, their salaries should be rated high. While doing my

research there are many different reasons why men are the top salary markers.

B. Product

My product consist of surveying, comparing, and showing graphs of the

professional basketball salaries. I will be surveying people from my school and church.

Iam going to compare the NBA with the WNBA. I will have a chart set up showing many

different graphs. I also will be taking pictures of my product showing all things I have


C. Mentor

I spent more than twenty- five hours with mentor. She has helped me to

understand what my topic was all about. She gave me ideas of what I should do for my product. She explained all the reasons why men make the most money in playing

professional basketball. My mentor also helped me realize that this project is very

serious. My mentor and I have learn so much form each other while we were spending

time together.

What was at least two biggest problems you encountered as you worked on the product?

A. Trying to find out what I was going to do for my proof of product.

B. How I was going to get my product done.

What did you do to manage your time?

I managed my time doing certain parts of my senior project daily. I made sure

that each day I took at least two to three hours to make an effort in getting my work

done. Another way I managed time is doing my work early before it’s due such as doing

it before I leave school. Although sometimes I would wait till the last minute to type and

Print my work, but turning it in was the efficient part about it.

What did you learn from the experience of working with other people?

The experience I had with working with others was great. It showed me how

things will turn out while working with others. This experience also showed people that a

person can get alone with anybody by showing a little communication and effort. I also

learned it’s good to work with others, who are dependable and can help you get the job

done. Working with others helps you learn about someone and their personalities. This

is a good way of communication because you’re working together as one, which makes

anything possible.

What personal satisfaction was gained from this project experience?

From this project experience, I gained three personal satisfactions. The first

personal satisfaction gained was to strive and work hard. If you work hard, nothing can

get in your way to get the job complete. The second personal satisfaction that was gained

was confidence. The reason is because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get my

project done, but I did. Time management was another personal satisfaction I gained

because I know now how to mange my time efficiently.

Briefly describe what you consider to be a “stretch” for you in completing this project?

The stretch for me was to get the project done. Everything was coming so fast and

I didn’t think I had time. This project takes a lot time and consist of a lot of work, and

you have to make sure you complete all the things that needed to be done on time. Most

of all my product for my project was a big stretch for me. It had me worried because

I didn’t know to do or how I was going to get it done. The best thing about it was that I

got the help I needed to complete my product.

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