What Are the Main Ingredients to Arelationships

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Tifani Brooks
Rewrite 3/14/2013

The main ingredients to a relationship is stability, trust and respect which those to me are huge in a relationship. There is a lot to make a good relationship work. One of the main ingredients to having a great relationship stability. Having stability in a relationship is to not break down and also to understand each other. The next would be trust, if there is no trust then you mine as well just walk away. And the last thing to make a great relationship would be respect if there is no respect there is no honesty. Why be in a relationship if you have no stability, trust and respect? As one can see that these are all main ingredients to having a great relationship. Stability in a relationship that means not to break down the relationship and to understand each other for a long lasting time. Ultimately we want to be in a committed relationship. You have to have commitment as well. Commitment is a part of stability cause if you are not committed there is no stability then it probably will just be a short time relationship. When one or both are not able to take the next step and commit so that you have stability, then that is a pretty good indication that the relationship is not going to work out. Another ingredient would be trust. Trust is a willingness to be vulnerable. Trust is a significant feature of a lasting relationship. Also honesty plays a huge key role in a relationship if one person lies to the other person then that could knock the trust out the door. Without trust you would not be able to have confidence to share your feelings, emotions and yourself with someone else. Trust means to believe when you extend you trust to someone it means that you have no doubt in your mind about honesty, and credibility of the other person. Trust is so important without that no relationship could survive. As soon as trust I broken the relationship breaks. Trust is really the foundation on which a relationship...
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