4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days

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Thesis: The characters in 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days all experience the same struggle of making decisions under circumstances, one may forget the importance of having a choice at all. With uncertainty and the lack of trust of another individual and their decisions, one will face the risks of losing everything.

Trust is vital between characters when important decisions are made, if trust is lost it may be one of the hardest things to regain.

Gabita lacks this characteristic and is overwhelmed by fear and leads her to lie and lose the trust of Mr.Bebe the abortionist.

- Gabita was asked to book a hotel at the Unitea, meet with Mr.Bebe in person and 3,000 lei, despite the emphasis of how important the tasks to be done, all of them were altered.

- When Otilia shows up at the hotel Unitea where Gabita is supposed to meet Mr.Bebe the abortionist, the reservation clerk claims that there is no reservation for them nor is there any record of Gabi having called to make a reservation.

- Meeting Mr.Bebe in person allowed a one on one trust, however Otilia was asked to meet him instead which created a slightly loss of trust as Gabita did not come in person to meet him in public.

- Gabriela is highly irresponsible: her bad memory, white lies, and apprehension jeopardize the whole arrangement.

Otilia is a women of word, certainty and self assured, however Gabita`s situation and requests forces her to lie and change her certainty.

- Abortion was strictly illegal during the years of the Ceausescu regime in Romania, Otilia was well aware of the consequences if she was caught and was forced to lie to her boyfriend.

- Otilia is told to lie to Mr.Bebe about being Gabita`s sister in order for him to trust Otilia, however the opposite occurs. Otilia was the one to confront Mr.Bebe and create a fragile trust bond with him.

-Due to Gabita`s lies and losing the trust of Mr.Bebe, the two women are forced to engage a sexual relationship with him in order to continue on with the abortion. This event causes Otilia to lose trust in herself and is uneasy with her boyfriend Adi when she arrives for his mother`s birthday.

- Otilia leaves Gabita during her abortion for a promised visit to her boyfriend Abi's mother's birthday dinner.

Mr. Bebe, the abortionist is of bland and indifferent evil. Quietly spoken, balding, middle aged in his comfortable jumper and comfortable shoes. Manipulative, advantage taking, awful and chilling, however he is a man of a form of equality if trust is equal between both parties.

- Mr.Bebe is also well aware that abortion in 1987 illegal, close to the end of Ceausescu's reign. He was very well informed of the outcome is he was to be caught. Despite the penalties, he had little to no fear in what he was doing.

- Mr.Bebe tries to put across that he had complete trust in everything he`s doing and that he trusted the two women beforehand. He was to meet Gabita in public but she did not show, he left his ID at the front desk when he was never suppose to if the Gabita booked the right hotel. Aside from his horrible traits, he is still a man of trust.

-Gabita lies to Mr.Bebe about how many months pregnant she is, at first she says three months. The law states after first tri-cycle, it is no longer abortion, it is murder. Gabita was already in the fourth month of pregnancy.

- Although Mr.Bebe is a man a trust is still a vile and cold man. He will not hesitate to take advantage of a situation. In order to gain the two women`s trust and their lack of payment, he forces the two women to have sex with him.

Otilia and Gabriela is in an illustration of socialism. Smart, considerable people unconditionally helping stupid and careless ones. It seems that in the end Otilia realised that ``doing good to base fellows is like throwing water into the sea``

Otilia has to go through in unflinching loyalty to her friend refining the word "hero"

- It is also a strong and powerful...
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