What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Leader? Why?

Topics: Leadership, Management, Communication Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: July 18, 2011
Many leaders throughout time have shown effective leadership.However, what characteristics made them more effective than other? Communication skills, time management, respect, and admit mistakes are some characteristics that have shown, many leaders to be effective.

First of all, an important characteristic of an effective leader is proper communication skills. A leader must be a good speaker as well as a listener. The leader must know how to communicate with his follower, and listen to ideas, ask the followers questions and make sure they understood what was being communicated.

Second, an effective leader must have good time management. Time is important he should always be on time to places he need to be. An effective leader plan and make arrangements to be where he needs to be ahead of time. You can't be effective if you’re always late.Be on time.

Third, an effective leader must have respect, A good leader does not demand respect he earns it. Respect should not be obtained only from the followers to the leader, it should be mutual.Having respect will get an effective leader a long way.

Last, an effective leader must admit mistakes. A good leader need strength to ignore criticism. However many leaders make mistakes thinking that they can never admit they are wrong. They don't want to admit mistakes, because they feel it would make them look stupid, but people appreciate a leader who can admit his mistakes.

Being an effective leader is not a job that everyone can do. In fact, it takes dedicated people to fill the job of an effective leader. Whatever the job, organization, or group, effective leadership is a must to complete goals.
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