What Are Soft Skills ?

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This report will discuss in general about soft skills, examples of soft skills that are needed for university students and its importance. “What are soft skills?” According to the oxford online dictionary soft skills are “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people” . It is mainly the ability of a person to think critically and make decisions independently, soft skills usually used much of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), from the thinking skills prongs other soft skills that enables a person to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people such as communication skills, ethic, moral and professionalism, the ability to work in a group and etcetera. Challa Ram Phani a career management consultant published an article In january 2007 under the headline “The top 60 soft skills at work”, listing and discussing those 60 skills which according to his study are “the personal traits and skills that employers state are the most important when selecting employees for jobs of any type” (Phani, 2007). A subject may be considered as a soft skill in one particular area, and may be considered as a hard skill in another. Soft skills will catalyst your primary hard skills.

Touching on soft skills, Royal Prof Ungku Aziz said: “The most important soft skill is learning how to develop your mind. Every teacher in school needs to impart this skill to students. If this is successfully done, students won't have problems finding jobs. Then he added: “Unless you've read a few books by Edward Bono or Tony Buzan, how would you know how to think?, Thinking is a critical skill which needs to be taught, and imparting this skill is probably the best gift you can give future graduates.”

(Royal Prof Ungku Aziz, 2007)
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