Medical Assisting

Topics: Medical assistant, Physician assistant, Healthcare occupations Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: August 31, 2009
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Medical Assistant
Courtney Simpson
EFCPI School of Technology
Medical Assisting is the major I have chosen here at ECPI school of technology. I chose this career because it has always been a passion of mine to work in the medical field and I feel Medical Assisting is a good start in advancing in the future with my medical career. Medical Assistants requires technical skills as well as soft skills. The technical skills may require you to do many things in medical facility. Some skills require that you record patient medical history, vital statistics, and information like tests results in medical records. Medical Assistant may have to explain different procedures to patients. They may have to assist physicians during procedures and hand physician tools and materials during procedures. Medical Assistant learn how to draw blood, collect specimens and prepare them for testing. (retrievedon August 10, 2009 from “Soft Skills help the doctors, nurses, and other professionals involved in medical domain make them smarter, sharper, and more effective. It helps in better interpersonal skills, communication, confidence, and attitude building, team building and motivation. When the professionals are empowered and equipped with these skills there will be better service to the patients that results into disease-free society” posted by Prof Ms.RAO (retrieved on August 13, 2009 from Upon completion of a Medical Assistant program you have to become certified to get the best job opportunities. There are two types of certifications. CMA is Certified Medical Assistant. You have to renew the CMA credential every 5 years. RMA is Registered Medical Assistant. With RMA you have to pay a nominal annual fee. Every three years you have to complete a specific number of continuing education classes. (retrieved on August 12, 2009...
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