What an Ideal Marriage Should Be

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Informal Response: What an Ideal Marriage should be?

An ideal Marriage is never Ideal, because marriage as we know it is a very recent construct and has only been around for less than 300 years. We know Marriage as a union between a Man and a woman who love each other, need each other or are somewhat bound to each other for a long time. Now a days some people consider a union between a man a woman a “traditional Marriage” or a contemporary marriage, people in the pre-Victorian Times had a different concept of Marriage, Usually a dominant male and a submissive female or females, and/or countless mistresses. Even in the Antebellum South we had a dominant Patriarch and his wife and countless slave mistresses. I think the Ideal marriage is a mutual relationship where both the Male and the Female benefit and in which the children are the main focus of the relationship.

Queen Victoria’s reign is where we get the modern concept of marriage from. We can still say that it was common for men to have mistresses during this time. It was although common, but frowned upon slightly. For the man in this relationship it is indeed ideal. Woman rarely venture out of the house alone and if they do it would be seen as scandalous. An unescorted women out on her own during that period is usually a prostitute.(1)

In the South before the Civil war was a very savage place with savage peoples. The white landowning class held most of the power and most of the money. There were very few things a white man could not do during those times. The entire lives of the slaves were controlled by the slave masters. The owners chose what they ate and wore, to who they can be in a relationship with. Individual rights of the slaves were not at all important. A master could do as he pleased with his slaves, rape, murder, torture, as long as he did not harm another man's property he was fine.(2) Males in these societies had the most powers. They were seldom forbidden from performing heinous acts...
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