Wgu Gnt1 Task2

Topics: Nursing home, Home care, Geriatrics Pages: 6 (2140 words) Published: April 13, 2013

Safety, Communication, and Placement for the Older Adult

An elderly patient, such as Mr.Trosack in the study case, faces and deals with more challenges than any other patient of any other age group does. The elderly patients do not face only physical and physiological problems, but also a large number of social, emotional and psychological issues as well. Being ill to any younger adult is seen as just another barrier on their road where all that is needed is to get better and get back to the previous condition, whereas for an elderly patient being ill is seen as degenerating , being defeated, have the independence taken away...facing the end. In the scenario given in the case study, Mr. Trosack is clearly exhibiting denial of the situation by refusing any care or option offered to him. He is not safe by himself, does not have any significant assistance to count on and is very prone to further damages and injuries during the status post-surgery and post hospitalization. One main issue related to his health needing to be addressed during the discharge planning will be the high risk for future injuries-patient is not safe. Another second issue will be regard to the new diagnosis Non-insulin dependent type II Diabetes and Hypertension, which carry a major potential ability to affect the other body systems, since very well-known they are critical conditions that eagerly but surely become chronic. A third healthcare concern is the family support and motivation to participate in the recovery and rehabilitation process. Safety is a primary issue that has to be met no matter what in any situation at any time. It is one of the 5 classifications of the human needs per Maslow's hierarchy, to function properly and to thrive at the highest potential and needs to be achieved .It is a patient's right. A non-safe patient is a sure promise for failure, injuries, noncompliance, complications, life threatening conditions and even death. A new diagnose that carries the potential to affect the other body organs and systems has a broad spectrum of acting and needs to be introduced and explained to the patient to the point that he is safe to independently care for and manage the condition. If the patient is not educated about the new diagnosis, if he is not explained on what is going on with his body and if he is not advised on how to detect, manage, address the conditions, he will not be able to survive and live a happy and content life like every well aged individual should and deserves. This will impact his physiological ability and wellbeing but pulling so energy from the social and emotional effort that will be needed to deal with everything that geriatric age brings. The third issue, which includes family support and motivation is as much as important as the previous two ones and deserves a full consideration and attention as well. Lack of family support and weak or no motivation to heal, adapt, copy, understand and recover is almost an indirect way of someone's attitude of giving up and letting it go slowly and sadly. No elderly deserves that. The last years of someone's life should be full of good memories; excellent attitude and contentment of have lived the life and being accomplished to the very last minute of that thought.

Disciplines involved in the discharge planning of the patient. Deciding if a patient is fit for discharge is a decision that has to be consensual among all the disciplines that were involved in caring for the patient. In the scenario given, Mr. Trosack's surgeon should be the first discipline to ''clear'' the patient for discharge. The surgeon will have to examine the patients hip again after the rehab phase to be sure that the fracture is healed and progressing as needed, no potential risks or injuries are present and no side effects of the repair of the surgery is present also. The second discipline will be the therapists that were involved during the 2 week...
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