Nursing: Homosexuality and United States

Topics: AIDS, Homosexuality, HIV Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: May 20, 2010
And the Band Played On
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Question #1
Based on what you observed in the film or read in the book; clearly articulate and delineate at least three of the sociopolitical factors that influenced public health policy development for HIV/AIDs prevention and control in the United States. Then discuss separately each of the three sociopolitical factors each factor and discussion is equal to three points each. The three sociopolitical factors that influenced public health policy development for HIV/Aids prevention and control in the United States were identifying early possible ways of spreading the disease, how it affected our blood supply and that to acknowledge the social implications that it could be everyman’s disease. Initially, in the movie there were signs of the disease but they were not sure even what it was. People were dying from a type of pneumonia that was not common; one man had Toxoplasmosis which is a cat’s disease. Other patients had a low or no T-cell count. As the movie progressed they found a connection with “Patient Zero” and this concept that they called the GRID which stood for Gay Related Immune Deficiency and this term was coined by Bill Kraus who was speaking on behalf of the gay rights in Washington, D.C. in 1980. In the connection with patient zero it is ultimately discovered that there was a flight attendant who was gay who had sexual intercourse with many men who then had sex with others and the doctor’s were able to make the connection with this information. They were able to trace back to the flight attendant who was patient zero and who he slept with and who all of those people had slept with, so on and so forth. The flight attendant had given him names and they were able to talk to several men who gave names of other men that they had sex with. (Spelling, Vincent & Spottiswoode, 1993). The second factor that helped to form public policy and help with control and prevention was regarding our...
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