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  • Published: February 8, 2013
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Exas Philippines, Incorporated is a privately owned company by Japanese investor and run and managed by Japanese consultants and experts. It’s main business since the birth of their mother company are METAL STAMPING PRODUCTION (transient or manual and progressive dieset) and TOOL and DIE DESIGNING, PROCESSING and VALIDATION. I belonged in these two production businesses.

Our department receives customers’ product technical drawings. We make tool and die design as basis for quotations then customers feedback for approval for the design price. Then processing follows on metal parts components of the go project(s). Assembly will follow of the processed tool and die. Validation follows to deliver engineering samples based on specifications required. Once the delivered samples are approved in their line assembly, mass production will follow at our metal stamping production area.

Today, Exas Philippines has been adopting several methods and techniques to add and improve its methods of productivity and quality that is far better than existing technology. This development however, fully sustained daily activities that affect daily production output of the manufacturing industry including transportation. In fact, the effect of certain method and process shows as one of the largest components that helps the company to be more competitive in the market today. Within it, this methods and innovation plays a main role in satisfying customer demand developing trust and confidence among others.

One known product that this company produced is MAIN PLATE, a metal stamped part that serves as the major component of digital camera to be assembled in Pentax Philippines, one known customer of ours. Among other parts suppliers, Exas Philippines remains one of its biggest and trusted plastic molding and metal stamped parts supplier for almost a decade. Trust and confidence we...
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